Programma DvB&BMT 2013

Programma Dag van Biofysica & Biomedische Technologie

22 november VU Amsterdam

9h00 Ontvangst en registratie
9h30 Opening

Sessie A Biophotonics and Biomedical Imaging

Georganiseerd door VU en VUmc

9h40 Johannes de Boer (VU University, Amsterdam) “In vivo optical microscopy”
10h00 Daniel Palanker (Stanford University, USA) “Optical and Electronic Technologies for Restoration of Sight”
10h30 Ruud Verdaasdonk (VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam) "Biophotonics applied in surgery and intensive care"
10h50 koffie
11h25 Lene Oddershede (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen) “Biomedical applications of nanoparticle plasmonics”
11h55 Gijs Wuite (VU University, Amsterdam) Unravelling the Physics of the Genome one molecule at the time”
12h15 lunch – posters  


14h00 2 parallelle sessies



Sessie B Biophysics

Sessie C Medical Imaging

  Opening (Wouter Roos) Opening (Tim Marcus)
14h05  B1: Doris Heinrich (Leiden) “Dynamics of cellular nano-architecture in spatio-temporally controlled environments” C1: Fijs van Leeuwen (Leiden) "Translating molecular imaging to the operating room"
14h25 B2: Marcel Janson (Wag.) “Length control of microtubule overlaps by active and passive crosslinkers” C2: Ton van Leeuwen (AMC) Analysis of OCT signals for quantitative, functional imaging of tissue”
14h45 B3: Christophe Danelon (TUD) “Assembling a Minimal Cell” C3: Arend Heerschap (Nijmegen)  "The role of functional MR in oncology"
15h05 B4: Wouter Roos (VU) “Structure and mechanics of viruses” C4: Ronald Boellaard (VUMC) “PET/MR: possible clinical applications, opportunities and challenges”
15h25 pauze  

Plenary session


Presentaties 3 finalisten proefschriftprijs (3 x (12+3) minuten

- Nienke Bosschaart (Academic Medical Center of the UvA)

- Koen Haak (University Medical Center Groningen)

- Petra van Houdt (VU University Medical Center)

16h30 stemming + proefschriftprijsuitrijking & posterprijsuitreiking  
16h45 borrel


Location: VU main building, Auditorium, De Boelelaan, Amsterdam.

Registration and information with

Marja Herronen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone: 020-5987992

Contribution: € 25,00 to ING 6837579 attn. “VvB&BMT”, quoting “Dag van B&BMT