Report World Congress in Bejing

Perhaps a bit late, but here is a short report on some things that happened in Beijing outside of the scientific meetings.

As was mentioned in a previous post there was a proposal to restructure the Societies Committee and change the composition of the Administrative council. Both changes have been approved and we have a new Administrative Council (AC) with two members from the Dutch Society: André Linnenbank and Maria Siebes. Maria Siebes is also a member of the board of EAMBES and within the IFMBE she is also a long time member of the Women in Medical and Biological Engineering (WiMBE). André has been elected as the interim chair of the newly formed Council of Societies. This makes him an ex officio member of the AC. Apart from that position he stays on as a member of the Working Group Developing Countries and was newly appointed as a member of the WiMBE.

Next Conference will be in 2015 in Toronto. There was a presentation of the organizing group and everything seems to go according to plan, preliminary dates: 7 - 15 June 2015. 

For the site of the 2018 conference Prague was selected.